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Experience fitness re-imagined! This is not a boot camp. Created to push you mentally and physically without you even knowing it! Competition brings out the best in us. Come experience what it's like to be part of synergy!




San Diego Reader


"Rendon is a 29-year-old physical trainer from Clairemont. He founded A Synergy Affair, which practices teambuilding fitness.

Rendon has a few activities and games on his “recess for adults” agenda."

Jessica Nguyen


"This event is so much fun that the last thing on your mind is that you're actually working out.Definitely a good way to break away from the daily gym routine."

Wendy Godinez


"After work you don't really feel like working out but when it's fun how can you not! Woke up feeling a little sore but that's how you know you put in work. "

cw san diego.jpg

Channel 8 The CW


"Carlos has been putting on these events for just over a year and makes all events accessible to all people – all different fitness levels. His theory is that people come out and have fun and burn calories without thinking about and with his games, the competition between teams leads to more calories burned. "

Chris Martinelli


"Perfect way too spend a Sunday at the bay before or after watching some Sunday football !! If you like to exercise while having fun this is the place to go!"

Perla KS

" By incorporating creative games and friendly team competitions he's transformed fitness into something I look forward to and enjoy! I love A Synergy Affair's workout and events can't wait for the next one!!"


Events are always FREE! If you would like to support what we do feel free to hit that donation button below! All donations go to the following!

1. Permits, Meetup, and other fees associated with the event.


2. Repair and maintain equipment.


3. New equipment that will make these events bigger and better!

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