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When you arrive you will be assigned a team! Get ready to COMPETE!



All our games are designed with competition and fitness in mind! We keep things fresh every event to keep you on your toes! Here are some of the most popular!

😳Which team will you be throwing down f

TTT (Tic Tac Toe)


Players sprint to be the first to get three in a row ;blocking or building their three colors in a row. This game consist of 4,5, sometimes 6 boards!6 boards to keep those sprints coming!

Don't stop til you drop!


This game is a perfect warm up! It gets the mind and body connected. The object of the game is to catch the person's stick next to you when you hear GO! If you fail to catch the stick you're out! (When you are out you must run around the participants) Last one standing wins. The game gets more intense when GO is screamed faster or the word SWITCH comes into play where players are forced to suddenly go the other direction! Last person standing WINS!

Sumo Ball


The object is to knock the opposing team out of the sumo ring. Last team standing wins! This is one of the most physical exercises that we have at at A Synergy Affair.  Guaranteed to get you gassed! 

😜This game was voted majority favorite

 Glow Ball


Two bubble balls are stacked on top of each other and act as a basketball hoop. Think basketball without the dribbling. You wear a flag that can be pulled. If your flag is pulled the ball goes to the opposite team. The first team to score 5 baskets wins! 

First one to stand up takes the L! 💁.jp

Traditional Fitness

With a competition atmosphere of course. Cheer on your team!

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